SanRemo: The Best Bakery Ever!

Have you ever gone somewhere and thought to yourself… How did it take me so long to come here?! Well that’s exactly how I felt when I went to SanRemo for the first time last year.

SanRemo is honestly the best bakery I’ve ever been to! It’s SO good! I remember coming across their Instagram one day and basically drooling over their donuts. From that day forward I knew I HAD to see this place in person.

After literally talking about it all of the time, I FINALLY went there with my boyfriend. I was definitely not disappointed and it was worth the wait! Of course the first thing I did was try their Red Velvet Donut and it was amazing! It’s the best donut I’ve ever had!



Since that day I have gone back a few times and SanRemo is also a great place to have lunch. Their sandwiches are so yummy and very fresh. Order a nice sandwich, grab a donut, and you’re set. I highly recommend SanRemo and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Enjoy! XO


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