These Actresses Are So Talented & They’re My Favourite!

These ladies are so talented and they make every show/movie that they’re in so much better! They also happen to be my favourite actresses and I’ll explain why.

Sandra Bullock


The first movie I ever saw Sandra Bullock in was Miss Congeniality. She was amazing in that movie and right away you could tell she was hilarious too. I think she is so talented and she is such a versatile actress. I’ve loved every movie she’s been in, but my absolute favourite Sandra Bullock movie is The Proposal!


Shay Mitchell


I remember finding out who Shay Mitchell was when one of my favourite shows, Pretty Little Liars, premiered. I loved every second of it and I thought Shay played her character, Emily Fields, really well. Over the years I have followed Shay Mitchell on social media and not only is she a talented actress, but she also has great fashion sense. She posts great content on YouTube and I like how she’s always trying new things.


Missy Peregrym


The first time I saw Missy Peregrym act was when she was in the movie called Stick It. I loved that movie, but I was young at the time and I didn’t know who any of the actors were. I finally realized how great of an actress Missy was when I started watching the show Rookie Blue a few years later. I think Missy is a very down to earth actress and she was the main reason why I continued to watch the show. I think she’s great at what she does and she is able to play any role flawlessly.


Lana Parrilla


Omg where do I even begin… I can’t believe it took me years to figure out who Lana Parrilla is. I started watching the show called Once Upon A Time a few months ago and that was the first time I ever saw Lana act. She’s honestly amazing! Lana is such a talented actress and she makes that very clear when she has to play more than one version of her character in the show. It takes some serious talent to be able to do that and she definitely has a lot of it! I also think Lana is such a sweet, funny, and genuine person that loves her fans. Not every actor or actress takes the time to appreciate their fans, but Lana definitely makes her fans feel special. If I could get the chance to sit down and chat with any actress, I would definitely choose Lana. I can’t wait to see where her career takes her after Once Upon A Time is over!


I hope you appreciate these actresses as much as I do and enjoy their work!



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